VP Racing Fuels


Ithaca Recreation Sports is the only dealership in the area that sells race gas.

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Here is some information on the VP Racing Fuels that we currently carry in-stock.

A great standard grade of racing fuel. Used in higher compression race engines up to 13:1, for any application where cost is a factor.

  • Color: Red
  • Motor Octane 105
  • Specific Gravity: .730-.745 @ 60° F

Not your "standard" 110! Highest rated MON of any 110 fuel on the market. Formulated for use in naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to approximately 12:1-13:1. Works well in 2-strokes. Good lower cost alternative.

  • Color: Purple
  • Motor Octane 107
  • Research Octane: 113
  • R+M/2: 110
  • Specific Gravity: .720-.735 @ 60° F

The best all around racing fuel made. Recommended for CRs below 15:1, satisfying the needs of 75% of today's race engines. One of the winningest fuels in racing history, including Modified Tour, GNN, D.I.R.T., Indy Lights, NHRA, AMA as well as other local and national championships across the U.S. and around the world.

  • Color: Green
  • Motor Octane 108
  • Specific Gravity: .717 at 60° F

Recommended for naturally aspirated engines operating at over 8000 RPMs with CRs of 14:1 and over in drag race cars, 4-stroke drag race motorcycles, snowmobiles and PWCs (230 psi or higher). Spec fuel for NHRA Comp Eliminator.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Motor Octane 114
  • Specific Gravity: .696 at 60° F